18 Dec

During the holiday season, many people wrap gifts in festive paper and top it with a gorgeous bow. I love the look of wrapped gifts and wish that I could wrap them as well. Having limited hand dexterity makes this easy task impossible for me.  Instead, I have to use alternative resources to give presents.

 My Dyscalculia makes it hard to estimate how much wrapping paper I need. I either choose too much or use too little.  I also cannot use a ruler to see how much of the wrapping I will need. I can see the numbers and lines on the ruler but cannot comprehend how to use it. I also do not understand how many feet or inches of paper I will need.

 Using scissors to cut the paper is also hard. I am unable to cut a straight clear and even lines and edges come out jagged and uneven. I also struggle with using tape. My fingers often take too much tape and get long strings. I also have problems figuring out where the tape ends and begins. I have spent many frustrating hours trying to figure it out with tape.

The result of my wrapping skills turns into a misshapen lump, not a lovely wrapped package.  I am also unable to put a tied ribbon or bow on top. My hand cannot tie them or wrap a present. In the end, I am frustrated and defeated.

 I have found that using other methods is more effective in helping me to prepare gifts for others. Gift bags and boxes are my main way of preparing a present. It is easy for me to get a bag for the occasion and place the present in the bag with tissue paper. I struggle with estimating the size of the present. So I often will get a bigger bag than a gift or will buy a few bags in different sizes.

 Having someone else make the present for you is another option. Some department stores offer complimentary gift wrapping. I have had presents wrapped with a bow on top by purchasing a present at the store.

 During the holidays many charity groups will also wrap your gifts for a small donation. Not only do you get your presents wrapped but you can also support a great cause.

I may not be able to wrap a gift or tie a bow, because of my disabilities. Yet I will not let those things get in the way of giving gifts to others. Giving and receiving gifts is my love language.  I can use decorative gift bags or have someone else wrap the present for me.  I have to find another way to prepare gifts for others.

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