13 Mar

One of my favorite parts of spring is watching flowers bloom. How I love to see the rainbow of colors and all the different types come to life! I enjoy watching the flowers that I plant come to bloom, especially the ones that I have gotten on the clearance rack at the store. I have been warned that these forgotten flowers would not bloom. To my delight I have seen beautiful white peonies and lovely purple lilacs bloom each year. I plant and carefully tend to the flower, but it is up to flower to bloom. 

 Having a learning disability has been similar to a flower blooming. I did not choose to have one or where I was placed. The rough terrain of struggling socially and academically was not ideal conditions. I often felt like the plant on the discount rack. Many people did not want to be with me and I was disregarded. Other people limited the potential that I had. Many people thought that I would not be able to go to college, get my bachelors degree or have the job and life that I wanted. Despite all of this adversity I bloomed!

My parents nurtured me along with my teachers. How far I wanted to grow was up to me. I was hesitant to grow beyond what I felt was safe, but I knew that my growth would be stunted if I did not reach out. I branched out and found many different resources, programs and people. I extended beyond my school community, and childhood neighborhood. At times I was difficult and wanted to quit. I had deep roots of shame of having a disability and insecurities that almost strangled me. I also had to go through a period of pruning when many dreams were lost. The process of cutting away the blooms was painful, but to my surprise lead to more blossoms                                                                                       

Every flower is unique and blooms in it's own way. Some flowers have small blooms and others have ones that extend. I may not bloom much with math but can blossom in reading, writing and other things.  Each flower has it's own season as well. Some have a long bloom and others have a shorter season. 

Having a disability is one flower that will not go out of season for me. I did not choose where I was originally planted or the type of flower I would be. Many people will not always see my potential. I have to remember to bloom where I am planted but never be afraid to grow.  

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