Back to school!
  •  9/5/2023 05:04 PM

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The Hidden Sunflower Program
  •  8/10/2023 11:14 AM

Top picture my My Hidden Sunflower Badge Bottom pictures Picture 1 f me standing in a field with a red dress on. Pictures 1 and 2 Bright yellow Sunflowers Pictures by Michelle Steiner

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Traveling Solo with a Learning Disability
  •  8/2/2023 09:27 AM

Top image Sunrise at Cocoa Beach by Michelle Steiner Bottom image Purple Night Sky by Michelle Steiner

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Travel Month
  •  7/31/2023 09:31 AM

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Finding my wings with a disability
  •  7/13/2023 05:06 PM

Learning to find my wings with a Learning Disability. Photograph by Michelle Steiner

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Going through the dirt to blossom
  •  6/20/2023 03:26 PM

Much like the flowers, I had to go through dirt with a Learning Disability to bloom.

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A new beginning
  •  6/19/2023 06:55 PM

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