Living in a world where numbers don't make sense
  •  2/15/2024 11:33 AM

Having Dyscalculia is like living in a world where numbers do not make sense. Image description A pile of multi colored numbers sit on a blue background.

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Catching the bouquet and finding love
  •  2/1/2024 02:01 AM

The journey to finding love with a disability has not always been as easy as catching a bouquet.

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Walking the path of having a disability
  •  12/26/2023 05:02 PM

Having a disability has been like walking on a path.

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Gee thanks I guess
  •  11/16/2023 02:05 AM

Image Description A white hand is extended against a rainbow background

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My Learning Disability is the dandelion that never leaves
  •  11/3/2023 01:45 AM

Image Description Dandelions in a colorful background of yellow, purple, and blue

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Learning Disability Month
  •  10/1/2023 07:17 AM

Picture a book on a table with an apple on top of it. Crayons and a stack of blocks sit next to it.

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Cracking the code my struggle with opening combination locks
  •  9/11/2023 01:59 AM

Picture of a pink rose on a lock with a yellow bridge in the background. Photo by Michelle Steiner

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